“A Nation of Wimps”: guess who’s to blame!

(Obviously we are discussing the United States of Asshattery America. Because what other nation is there?)

Reader Vittra offered us today’s thrilling selection, which, though it’s old, was too horrifying full of shit what the fuck were they smoking good to pass up.

Psychology Today declares we are “A Nation of Wimps”. We are stupid, weak, learning disabled (only not really, because learning disabilities are fake, and accommodations for same are actually “cheating”), depressed, anxious, incapable, incompetent, impatient, and immature, and they spend more paragraphs than I care to count disparaging and insulting American youth for being that way. And can you guess who they blame?

Is it a culture that encourages litigation — by the lack of universal health care, by a justice system having nothing to do with real justice, by a class divide so deep and corporations so powerful that awards in the millions are barely slaps on the wrist for the “losers”, and the only way out of poverty for the “winners” — at the cost of common sense, community, and actual caring?

Is it corporations themselves, or commercialization (their means of control) — or the very idea of unregulated capitalism itself from which they arise –, which place short-term profit and appearance ahead of long-term prosperity or real meaning?

Is it the carving up and dissolution of communities, the worship of the “nuclear family”, the unwillingness to open ourselves up to receiving or offering assistance?

Is it a culture that pressures performance above health, production above personhood, technological “advances” above humanity and art?

Is it the school environment itself, which is eliminating recess and free time left and right, introducing academics younger and younger, and is structured so as to eliminate the free will and autonomy of the student — or the policies and politicians which are pushing for said academics and restrictions, requiring more and more testing at younger ages?

Is it the laws and legislations and interfering “do-gooders” that actively prosecute those parents who are attempting to raise “free range kids”?

Is it any part of the kyriarchy, of the culture families are immersed in, of the institutions they are required to navigate?

Of course not. Else I wouldn’t be ranting about it here.

No, the litany of loserhood Pscatology Today* unleashes on the unsuspecting reader is blamed entirely and solely on the parents.

From the first line (shaming “mommies” and “daddies” for playing with their kids) to the last (declaring parents selfish and shortsighted for being anxious about their kids, as though parents are incapable of worrying both about their own children and children everywhere), the article lets us know on no uncertain terms that we and we alone are to blame if our children have depression, or anxiety, or learning variations (which are fake anyway), or go wild in college.

I was going to take a moment for nuanceĀ  here — mention that I’m a big fan of benign neglect, for instance — but the author never did. It took me far too long to get through it (much of my spleen was vented on the subject on Twitter: pity my followers), hoping for some hint of rationality, of recognition of social factors, of broader perspective, but their dogged determination to blame the mother was so admirable that in the end I decided to imitate them. I guess my immature, indolent intellect (as evidenced by my lifetime struggle with bipolar depression) just wanted the easy way out.

I blame my parents.

*Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It’s just so full of shit.