Where was the mother?

Let’s just do this one really quickly, shall we? So, many of you will have read about the case in which a man repeatedly slapped a toddler in a Walmart store in the US because her behaviour did not please him. Yes, repeated criminal physical assault on a child. Do you know whose fault it was? Well, check out a comment here .

Did you guess? Yes, the mother’s fault.

While I do not advocate what the man did – I’m glad it has sparked debate. What everyone is forgetting is WHERE WAS THE MOTHER?
He said: “If you don’t shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you.” Mom did nothing! Didn’t report the man, making me think this happens to her all the time and she ignores it.

Do you know what? Yes, people do threaten, “jokingly” or otherwise, to physically assault a child for crying, quite often. Any parent of a toddler or former toddler here who’s never had that happen, raise your hand. No, thought there wouldn’t be many of you. And while, yes, it would be nice to think that if you reported it to the authorities every time, it would be taken as seriously as a similar threat to an adult, we all know it wouldn’t, don’t we? “Officer, he threatened to slap my child.” “Well, madam, perhaps if you slapped her more often she wouldn’t behave so badly.”

That aside, making someone other than a violent criminal responsible for his violent crime is… well, we’re all feminists here, right? I think we know when else that happens. Perhaps mothers, as women, shouldn’t be at all surprised that the burden of preventing violent crime is all on our behaviour.