Would the real real woman please stand up?

Cristina Odone would like you to know that “real women” don’t want to work full-time. “Real women” find primary fulfilment as mothers. But she’s “not having a pop at working mothers”. She’s just saying they’re not real women.

Now, there’s something to (the reports of) her conclusions: yes, parents should have more freedom to choose to work outside the home or not; we should value parenting; economic contributions are not the only kind of contributions. But the big fat mother-blaming fail comes in the fact that this is all about mothers, nary a mention of the possibility that men could be fulfilled as at-home parents, and her choice of the term “real women”. Fuck you, Cristina Odone, you anti-feminist, anti-secularist, ranting pillock.


6 Responses

  1. Ai yi yi. I bet she thinks she’s on my side. At least my daughters are too young to read her drivel…

  2. Ms. Odone has three children, doesn’t this mean she’s not a “real” woman by her own definition since she obviously works? Just asking…

  3. Right. Because “real women”, back before there was paying jobs, never did any work. They just sat around the hut all day filing their nails and playing Checkers.

    Read a book. Mothers have been working their asses off since humans became humans. They were the primary food collectors for any group, and they were typically responsible for crafting.

    Not to say I wouldn’t love to stay home gardening my own food and crafting – but then, I’m not a mother, so maybe that keeps me in the “not a real woman” category?


  4. Tell that to my mom! She had me because her biological clock was ticking and it was just assumed that she, as a woman, must have a child. She very quickly realized that she wasn’t suited for the mom-thing (turned out to be a fantastic mother anyway, though!) and went straight back to work.

    It was abundantly clear then, and it still is now, that even while being a mother is a very important part of her life, it’s working that sustains her. It’s what gives her happiness and satisfaction.

    Oh yeah, also, she’s a woman. Go figure.

    The idea that people HAVE to be XYZ or they don’t quite qualify as people is disgusting. Different strokes for different folks, as my mom always says. What’s important is raising our daughters (and sons!) to know what makes them most happy and to learn how to make that work for them. Shoe-horning does not make for happy people – of either gender.

  5. @Nicole – Not to mention the management of the household! If anyone should be running today’s businesses, it should be the women. We’re the one with all the historical experiences of managing staff, keeping track of inventory, budgeting, etc.

  6. She reminds me of my MIL!!

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