Mothers who work have unhealthy, unfit children

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Back to this old argument again. A new study has discovered that children who have working mothers *shock horror* consume sweetened drinks between meals and even worse use their computers or watched television for at least two hours a day compared to the children of “stay at home” mothers who spend less than two hours on these activities. Wow! Who’d have thunk it, HOLD THE FRONT PAGES IT’S BREAKING NEWS. Kids like fizzy juice and tv.

This story has of course been picked up by the mainstream media and various talking heads have lamented the loss of the good old days when Dad would be the breadwinner and Mum wore an apron and had dinner ready for 5pm. How is this news?! And more to the point, when this country’s abysmal financial state has us with a budget deficit of 12% of GDP in the current financial year what more is expected of us because as we all know, as far as this Government are concerned we should all be working outside the home and spending money to fill the massive hole we’ve been dug into thanks to the credit crunch.

Of course another facet to this argument is that the report also asked about exercise versus sedentary activities. Could it be that years of media coverage of PEEDOS EVERYWHERE may well have resulted in parents being afraid to let their children have the freedom to play outside of the home without constant monitoring? No, of course not. It’s the Mothers’ fault for going to work. Bad Mothers.

You couldn’t make this shit up.


3 Responses

  1. *sigh*
    saw this report this morning. big steaming pile o’ shite. where to start?

    firstly, why is it the *mother’s* fault exactly? has this study looked at single parent families, two-parent or more families? has the study looked at SAH Dads too? when both parents work in a 2-parent family? eh? why the concentration on mothers? is this a study of parenting technique? who funded it?… the list goes on…

  2. Damn, you got there before me, I was going to post this. 😉

    Utter toss. I hate to praise the Daily Mail but they ran an article on this today, with a working mother and a stay-at-home-mother ‘battling it out’. The working mother’s take on it wasn’t half bad.

  3. […] blottedcopybook knocked a couple out of the park with Mothers who work have unhealthy, unfit children, in which she points out how the mother-blaming culture has lead to this gem of a mother-blame, and […]

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