I blame American women, who are all potentially mothers!

This one’s from a commenter! No, the commenter hirself was lovely (thanks for the tip, RB!). It’s NPR’s Marketplace’s David Frum with the Daily Fail of mother-blame.

David Frum says “Health care? Who needs health care? Just follow my Four Simple Steps That No One’s Ever Thought Of BeforeTM!” And number four (which he prefaces with “Above all”! thanks for that pedestal, David!) places the US’s abysmal infant mortality rate squarely on the shoulders of mothers — wait, not just mothers, all women of potentially childbearing age! (We presume he means cis women with functioning uteri — trans, intersex, or lacking potential fertility? David Frum apparently doesn’t believe you’re a woman. Note also the way he doesn’t limit it to those in or potentially in sexual relationships with [potentially fertile and cis!] men — no, apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re celibate, childfree, lesbian, or otherwise uninterested in personally procreating via pregnancy or with no chance of conceiving without forethought. No, you, as a “[fertile cis] woman of childbearing age” are always to be considered available for the seed of Man. Abortion apparently doesn’t exist in David Frum’s world either.)

Anyway, back to blaming the mother: America’s shameful infant mortality rates apparently have nothing to do with the overall shameful health of American (fertile cis) women from our lack of access to health care, nothing to do with the class disparity in this country, nothing to do with the race disparity in this country, nothing to do with the cycle of poverty, nothing to do with the barriers in the way of many women getting living wages, healthy food, and good education, nothing to do with the 5 minute visits and battery of useless tests that pass for “prenatal care”, nothing to do with the criminal cesarean rates… nope, it’s all because American cis women of childbearing age apparently scarf narcotics, nicotine, donuts, dope, and dirty, dirty dick willy-nilly.

Will we ever learn?


8 Responses

  1. Totes unsurprised to find out at the end of the article that David Frum is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. The framing of all women as walking wombs who can’t be trusted to take care of themselves let along a pregnancy is par for the course. Just follow what the wise men tell you what to do and stop being such a slutty mcslutslut.

  2. 1) the tags just keep getting better.

    2) can i tell you how much that “women of childbearing age” bullshit pisses me off? how much i know it smacks of the handmaid’s tale, a book i have never even read?

    when the “pre-pregnant” federal guidelines were released in 2006, i wrote this in my non-public blog: apparently i’ve forgotten that i was put on this earth to get knocked up. don’t forget, all you uterus-havers! it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or gay or immature or under-educated or a nun. at any moment, the Blessing of Motherhood may be bestowed upon thee, by virtue of your body being in possession of baby-support apparatus. even rape can really just be the Blessing of Motherhood in disguise. did you know that? please live with this mindset constantly. thanks.

    i’ve since sort of grown out of my crude 24-year-old ways, and realized that actually, things are even more screwed up than i thought, because even if you want to conceive and bear a child, you can do all the nice, conscientious things you want and you still won’t receive much in the way of support from our healthcare system or from our society. because it’s our responsibility, not theirs.

    3) this post made me seethe with rage, but also laugh. because you rule.

  3. […] post up at “I blame the mother” I blame American woman, who are all potentially mothers! by I, your cheating-on-you–with-another-blog-but-hey-I’m-letting-you-know-about-it […]

  4. Confession. I occasionally watch Fox News just to get riled up and this is exactly the sort of idiocy that they peddle in.

    Newsflash. You don’t have to be a woman to bear a child. Perhaps we should encourage all teenage girls to quit school and get a job so they can pay for the healthcare of their future spawn.

    Also – perhaps if anybody has any interest in people quitting smoking they should re-think the government endorsed propaganda that tells people it is so hard to quit smoking and it is so addictive they are destined to fail before they even begin.

  5. Tag “dirty dirty dick” just rocks. When I post here I’m going to have to somehow relate it to that just so I can use that tag. 😉

  6. Did you know that David Frum is Canadian? He writes a column in the (Canadian) national newspaper the ‘National Post’. He moved to the US at the age of 22 to attend Yale, according to Wikipedia. He was born and raised in Toronto.

    So the irony is that, like me and every other Canadian, he has access to publicly funded health care if he moves back here.

    It makes his little commentary just that much worse, in my opinion.

  7. This is what we get from taking health care advice from someone at the AEI. Ricockulous.
    Interesting that this guy–with no medical experience–blames “women of childbearing age” for our high infant mortality rate. Couldn’t possibly be all the medical interventions that have entirely screwed up the process of birthing. Coincidentally, we have both the highest C-section rate and one of the highest infant mortality rate of the developed world.

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