This one’s fun is in the comments

The article is Children feel weight of body image. The comments say it’s because we feed them sugar, pack them imperfect lunches, and dress them like hoochies. Never mind that the entire rest of the world is filled with body-hatred messages, crap food and crap food promotion, and a pathological obsession with appearance.

Nope. It’s the moms’ fault. Guess we shoulda quit our jobs, given up our lives, and invested in that kid-size opaque hamster ball to keep them “safe” from our messed up culture.

Now we know.


2 Responses

  1. “Oh god, not the comments!” *hides eyes, runs away*

  2. Did y’all see/hear David Frum’s commentary on today’s Marketplace show on public radio? (

    He offers “Four simple steps to health care reform,” step four being, “Above all: If you’re a woman of childbearing years, please: take extra care of yourself.” Why this sub-population in particular? Not for our own sakes, of course, but because the biggest problem with America’s health statistics is our infant mortality rate, which is mostly attributable to our premature birth rate, which is mostly THE MOTHERS’ FAULT.

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